The Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic works to advance human rights around the world, working in partnership with civil society organizations and communities. The clinic carries out human rights investigations, legal and policy analysis, litigation, report-writing, and international advocacy. The clinic brings together innovative education, social justice, and scholarly research, and students are trained to be strategic human rights lawyers.

The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies (SCSS) is an independent policy and research think-tank based in Sana’a, Yemen. SCSS work focuses on providing new approaches to understanding Yemen and the surrounding region, through balanced perspectives, in-depth studies, and expert analysis. Founded in 2014, SCSS conducts research and consultations in the fields of political, economic, civil, and social development, in addition to providing technical and analytical advice regarding key issues of local, regional, and international concern.


This report is the product of a collaboration between the Human Rights Clinic at Columbia Law School and the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies.

The report’s lead authors were Alex Moorehead, Lecturer-in-Law and Director of the Counterterrorism, Armed Conflict, and Human Rights Project at Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Institute, Rahma Hussein, Legal Fellow, Columbia Law School Human Rights Institute, and Waleed Alhariri, Director of the U.S. Office, Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies.

Many students were contributing authors, or provided legal, policy, and factual research and writing.

Student contributing authors from the Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic were Kate Berry, JD ’18, Suraj Girijishankar, LLM ’17,  Surya Gopalan, LLM ’15, Katie Minton, JD ’17, Modupe Odele, LLM ’16, Naomi Prodeau, JD ’17, Ria Singh Sawhney, LLM ’17, and Brian Yin, JD ’16.

In addition, students who provided research, writing, and editorial assistance were Audrey Chao, JD ’20, Bassam Khawaja, JD ’15,  Marie Michele Killmond, JD ’17, Balqees Mihirig, LLM ’16, Benjamin Nußberger, LLM ’17, Anjli Parrin, JD '17, Ana Pirnia, JD ’19, Jasmine Rayée, LLM ’17, Sowjhanya Shankaran, LLM ’17, and Jeffrey Stein, JD ’19. The clinic’s work was supervised by Sarah Knuckey, Director of the Human Rights Clinic, Alex Moorehead, and Rahma Hussein. Sarah Knuckey also initiated the project, and provided research and analysis, and comments and review.

From the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies, Farea Al-Muslimi, Chairman, Adam Baron, Director of Research and Analysis, Spencer Osberg, Chief Editor, and Ziad Al-Eryani, Washington D.C. Coordinator provided review, research, and analysis. Olivia Segal, Intern, provided editorial and research assistance.

We are grateful to Anna Diakun, Jessica Dorsey, Avner Gidron, Jonathan Horowitz, Brett Max Kaufman, Sahr Muhammedally, Wendy Patten, Laura Pitter, Christopher Rogers, Hina Shamsi, Shirin Sinnar, and others for comments and feedback.

Daniel Greenfeld designed the cover of the report as well as the illustrations on the website.  Columbia University Print Services designed the layout.

This report does not represent the institutional views of Columbia Law School.

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